Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scott's Pergolas

One of my greatest friends, Scott, often invites the wife and I over for dinner and lounging at the pool, one day after some drinks we concocted a plan to put up some shade on the patio, and over the pool. I didn't get any pictures of the construction, mostly because I was up on top of the pergolas all day, (I did get a nice tan/slight sunburn) I was able to get some pictures after the construction was done though, when we were staining it.

Here is Scott taping off the pergola over his patio, prepping for the stain.

A pre-stain picture of the pergola over the pool. You can also see the paint sprayer, that was borrowed, thanks cuz...

A couple of completed pictures of the patio pergola.

A couple of completed pictures of the pool pergola.

 Unfortunately during construction a lot of sawdust and wood chips fell into the pool.

The shade planning over the pool was well thought out, the location of the pergola is perfect for the angle of the summer sun, and shades our in-water hangout area. As demonstrated in the picture below. Scott, Me, Dusty, and Dale(left to right.)


  1. Wow that looks great Buck! What a nice place to hang out too! :)

  2. Thank you Cowgirl, We are blessed to have good friends.