Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Cedar Jungle Gym

The nephew needed a Jungle Gym, and his dad wanted an extra hand, so he could finish it in one weekend.

I showed up with my old trusty Ryobi 18v (that I found laying in the road one day) a level, framing square, and an impact wrench, which always makes things easier. Also, we actually read the instructions when we needed to, (as a last resort.) Just out of the picture there are seven boxes of parts stacked up in the corner.

Beginning to lay the parts out, trying to figure out how to tackle this beast.

The nephew, doing QA on the parts we received. He is going to make sure we do this right.

The impact wrench made light work of a lot of nuts and bolts. Glad we had it.

It is actually starting to look like it was intended to.

Justin is making sure that 1x4 does not go anywhere while I get it screwed in.

The completed project, after a professional installation.