Sunday, June 22, 2008

Father's Day Fishing

I went fishing with dad for Father's day, out at Lake Buchanan, this was the first time either of us fished this lake, so I called Bas (pronounced "Boss") at guide service.  I went with two new fathers also, my cousin Justin, and my brother Chad. On the drive down we were checking the weather and lake reports on the iphones, the weather was looking good, but not the fishing reports, still we hoped for the best. 
Here is dad with his first one, Dad kept having to remind our guide that he knew how to bait his own hook, and land his own fish!

Me with mine.

Here is my cousin Justin. Does it look like he is trying to hold his closer to the camera?

Chad, the best dressed fisherman on the boat!

We all had a great time, and made some great memories.

Bas was great, he put us on the fish, and when they moved, he kept finding them.  I knew we had a great guide when the other guides kept calling him throughout the day asking where he was fishing.  He even filleted the bass for us, and divided them up into four Ziploc bags one each to take home.

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