Monday, January 3, 2011

Music Boxes as Christmas Gifts

Handmade Musical Jewelry Boxes

I had to wait till after Christmas for this post.

I found a small woodshop, here where I was allowed to use the table saw, clamps, and mitersaw.

It started with the drawing in my notepad, and some walnut planed down to 3/8". 

Had to think ahead and drill out the bottom and the holes in the side for the paperclip stop bar. When checking for square, once is never enough.

A jig that I made to cut the key slots in the corners.

Dry fitting the Purple heart "keys", these will look beautiful on the finished box, and provide great contrast, they really reinforce the somewhat weak end-grain to end-grain joint.

About to install the music movement, you can see the stopping mechanism in the back right corner.

A couple coats of varnish later.

In my office, installing the liner of the music boxes, I did not have any pretty red or blue velvet, so I used an old uniform that had been washed with a ball point pen.

I made this little tray out of thick cardboard folders, spray adhesive and brown packing tape, it came out really well and fit like a champ.

Almost done, in this pic you can see the "keys".  Although I made one box taller than the other(had some leftover walnut) I used the same jig for cutting out the keys, so you can see the difference in spacing. I promise this was not a mistake (as I cross my fingers behind my back.)

Finished products, ready for shipping home. I hope the wife likes them!